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Ranch Fresh Meats is a family owned, Colorado-based business. We know the people who produce our products. Unlike large retailers and other home delivery companies, we don’t hide behind our label. You will find that our prices are far more affordable for the same high-quality products. We only source from family farms who are committed to sustainable and humane practices and are proud to serve their products to our own family and friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my order to ship?

Orders placed Monday-Wednesday will ship that same week. Orders placed Thursday-Sunday will ship the same week.

Are your products Fresh or Frozen?

Most of our products are frozen. However, you will find that they are just as tender and delicious as fresh products!

Where do you source from?

We only source from U.S. Family Farms that are commited to teh best animal welfare and the highest meat quality - quality you can taste! As much as possible, we source from Colorado.