Morgan ranch is a fourth generation farm located in Burwell, Nebraska. They describe ranching as a "commitment, a lifestyle, a tradition, and a love".

Morgan Ranch Wagyu cattle are typically grassfed for 20 months, and then head to the feed lot for 120-240 days. The cattle always have a safe, clean, humane, and natural environment. Take an inside look at the farm and cattle conditions below. Morgan Ranch never uses sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones. The Wagyu breed of cattle is known for its extreme tenderness and incredible marbling. Morgan Ranch Wagyu are F4, which is 93% or more purebred Wagyu.

Frontiere Natural Meats is a Colorado, family owned and operated company.

Frontiere has high standards for humane treatment of animals, and all their meat never EVER has hormones or antibiotics. They source cattle and bison from Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. Frontiere Beef and Bison never has added hormones or antibiotics.

Take an inside look at Morgan Ranch