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Wagyu Sirloin Tri Tip : Morgan Ranch

Wagyu Sirloin Tri Tip : Morgan Ranch

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A Wagyu Sirloin Tri-tip roasts weighs just over 2 lbs each. These roasts are marbled well and turn out great on a smoker or bbq grill.  Cook 2 to 4 roasts at a time to maximize your efforts and save on fuel.

Greg's favorite way to serve is Santa Monica Style, which involves seasoning with coarse black pepper, kosher salt and fresh rosemary dry rubbed over all sides.  Set smoker at 325 and cook until internal temperature is at 145 degrees for medium doneness. 

Let roasts rest for 5 to 10 minutes before carving. Slice on a bias against the grain.

Frozen. Individually packaged in vacuum sealed bags.

4 Tri-tips per order.



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