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Natural Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked 1/4 Ham : Beeler's Pork

Natural Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked 1/4 Ham : Beeler's Pork

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An Ode to the Humble Ham - Oh Humble Ham! How we give thanks that you have been liberated from a Yule time delight. Whether warm or served chilled, your hickory smoked flavor knows no limit in its salty deliciousness. Boneless and portioned to the ¼ size, your quality is undiminished. When resting upon sliced sourdough kissed by deli mustard and swiss cheese your sandwich perfection is indisputable. Truly when cooked whole and surrounded by various festive fixings are you not the best occupant of the center of the plate? Oh Humble Ham, how hungry can you make me?

We could wax poetic about these Beeler’s quarter hams all day long. Maybe it’s the simple four to five ingredients that go into Beeler’s Hams. Maybe it's the lack of antibiotics, growth promotants, paylean, nitrates/nitrites, MSG, phosphates, or gluten. All we know is that these hams are so delicious they move us to poetry.


Average weight 1.75 lbs. each



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